A Dream Team serving the Italian textile manufacturing industry.

GFM Group has joined forces with Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale, Marzotto LAB, Centro Tessile
Cotoniero e Abbigliamento, and DIMAI (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science) of the University of Florence to bring to life a very ambitious project: to profoundly improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the domestic textile manufacturing industry.

Out of this partnership came SIZE4MI, a pioneering project on the linen and cotton supply chain-the only one of its kind in the world-focusing on advanced control and sensor technologies for data collection and traceability, data fusion software, collaborative robotics, and line automation. Through the application of artificial intelligence, the system is linked and integrated to interventions at the dyeing and finishing stages, all the way to defect control on the finished product. Through a holistic and innovative approach, SIZE4MI makes it possible to improve the quality of existing products, minimize waste, and understand the relationship between the product and all data from different stages of the production chain.

A more sustainable supply chain for Made in Italy textiles
To the Italian textile manufacturing industry, the adoption of SIZE4MI can guarantee the total zero waste of chemicals, water and energy within the dyeing and finishing processes, as well as the reduction of color effluents in the purification plant by more than 87% and of effluents consisting of auxiliaries by more than 93%. Significant decreases are also recorded for water used in the finishing processes (about -50%) and energy used for post setting drying (-30%).
Control technologies enabling supply chain traceability make it possible to increase and certify the added value of products, for which it becomes possible to demonstrate the actual performance of economic, environmental and social sustainability.