A story made up of small steps

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GFM-Net and GFM Integration are software engineering companies.
Our mission is to offer Information Technology products and services to the companies.
We support companies with technological innovation to create competitive advantage
and value in medium and long term.

Customer focus, his satisfaction are our goals.


GFM-Net was born in 1996 from the idea of three young engineers who wanted to experiment the new world of the world wide web, already convinced about its potential and of the revolution that this would bring in the world. In 2004 the individual company with the same name was made up with the current corporate structure and a new route began. In 2006 the current capital was created in the historic headquarters in Ovada street in Milan and we manintained the same name because it's from our history that the innovation spirit, the attraction for new ICT technologies, the warm and welcoming work environment, the loyalty and respect for people before anything else that belong to GFM-net were born.

Always focused to technological evolution, GFM-Net establishes partnership relationships with the main players in the ICT and research sector. Collaborating actively with Jhonson Controls, Flextronics Design, Frog Design, Bticino, Coster T.E., Intel, Cisco, Eurotech, T-Systems, Omnia Comunication,Marzotto Group, Telbios, ST, Vodafone, Polytechnic of Milano, Polytechnic of Torino, University of Brescia, University of Torino etc... The projects are always conducted on the invisible boundary that separates industrial research from the application of new technologies in the development of new products, in line with its mission, which has remained unchanged since the company's foundation.

In June 2012, convinced about the potential of Big Data technologies and the value of the open source world, an innovative startup was founded in early 2013, the GFM integration that supports GFM-Net in a new course that is even more stimulating and full of new goals.


GFM Integration was established on January 18, 2013 as an innovative start-up in the Big Data sector.
Over the years the integration of GFM has worked with telecommunications, medicine, industry, logistics and energy management, creating software solutions for monitoring, data management and analysis on both traditional and Big Data platforms.

GFM Integration is an extremely young and dynamic reality that over the years has not lost its start-up DNA and has always accepted the various challenges of customers by continuously increasing its skills both in the technologies that have formed its origins and in those more distant, allowing today to be able to cover developments ranging from firmware to Web interfaces or mobile apps, passing from microservices, cloud, BigData, Edge Computing and much more. This flexibility is confirmed by the creation of the BBoard , the first electronic board with the GFM Integration brand used in an important IoT project.

GFM integration is attentive to the quality of the software and the development process and adopts the principles of DevOps to allow greater control and tracking of the development and operational phases.