SI4RIA, the smart solution for workplace safety

How can technology respond to the problems of contemporary work?
Safety, digitalisation, and improvement of work processes are the matrices on which SI4RIA (Support Information for Remote Inspection Augmented), a project that applies technology to Personal Protection Systems, was developed..

SI4RIA is a solution consisting of:

  • Interconnected smart helmet, that provides operators with all technical and safety information expected for the operational task they are called upon to perform;
  • Mobile app provided to the maintainer that facilitates the use of manuals, infographics, and real-time data;
  • Platform for managing operators navigating three-dimensional models, and sharing information about them.
The usage scenarios involve three types of users: plant manager, remote operator and maintainer.
It is the latter who, from the moment he or she must intervene in the field, is equipped with the helmet and App, which allow him or her to issue voice commands, receive machine status information on the viewer, measurements from the sensors, and request related documentation.
Other parties can take advantage of the software available from the browser, to supervise maintenance activities or to supervise and monitor entire plants.
In addition to a major security enhancement, the use of SI4RIA results in a drastic reduction in technical staff travel and rapid remote troubleshooting. Result? Increased customer satisfaction, decreased travel and transportation costs, and reduced environmental impact.



The SI4RIA project was co-funded under the SI4.0 2021 call for proposals "Grants for innovative projects, prototypes, products and services enterprise 4.0" by Unioncamere Lombardia.
The project involves the development of a Cloud, which takes advantage of the potential of augmented reality, IoT, and BigData and allows the analysis of acquired data, with Data Analytics systems to improve interventions.
The main technologies used are:

  • PostgresDB
  • Redis
  • Docker
  • Angular
  • Android
  • RealWear HTM-1

The languages used are Java, TypeScript, Javascript, CSS, HTML.


SI4RIA is an integrated hardware and software system designed for the installation, maintenance, and construction operations of production facilities and infrastructure.
Specifically, the system is equipped with:

  • Administration made easy for the plant manager
    Administrative activities do not end with plant monitoring; in fact, it is possible to create a collection of documents in different formats (PDF, images, videos, and dashboards), sort them into different trees, and share them in different work environments as needed.
  • BIM and modelli 3D (.obj)
    BIMs (Building Information Model) represent an important information source that contains both data on the positioning of structural elements of buildings or mechanical components and physical, performance, and functional data. Their real power, however, lies in the possibility of having the entire history of the building available in a single information object, and thus constitute a true digital twin.
    SI4RIA allows the integration of a module capable of processing .ifc files, which are necessary for the transfer of BIM information, and 3D models in .obj format, with the possibility of displaying them in a special viewer and exploiting the information part as well.
  • Assisted Reality
    With the help of mobile tools, including a RealWear visor, we implemented the assisted reality experience with an App that can interact with the user through voice commands and provide support in work activities. Its asset is the ability to impose information regarding the real world on the user's view without blocking their vision and without hindering their movements so as not to compromise the safety of the operators.
  • Use of IoT and Big Data
    Data, once acquired, are stored in NoSQL data structures and can later be accessed through graphical interfaces built for SI4RIA and by OpenSource Data Analytics tools.
  • Traceability with QR codes
    Each element of the system is linked to a unique QR code, which can be printed and used by the Apps developed to link directly to content (documents, data, PDFs, and BIMs).
  • App for the maintainer
    The maintainer is equipped with an AR viewer and a Mobile App. Both applications are equipped with software developed within the project and connected to SI4RIA's Cloud platform. Through these Apps, the maintainer can consult plant data (measurements, schematics, images, tutorials, and documents) and can request support from remote operators.
  • Remote operator interface
    Through SI4RIA's web interface, the remote operator can organize content, consult plant data (documents, data, pdfs, images, and BIMs) and connect them with each other, and initiate support sessions with a messaging system to the maintainer. It can also organize contents on a virtual Desktop, which can be configured independently, to manage different types of support.
  • Cloud Software
    SI4RIA is Cloud software designed to be hosted on all major vendors. SI4RIA accomplishes this using Kubernetes and Docker as the delivery system.


SI4RIA is attentive to data of a personal and corporate nature (complies with GDPR and corporate industrial confidentiality protocols), 256bit symmetric encryption (AES-256) is adopted on database fields containing data of a personal or confidential nature, secure data transmission protocols, and two-factor authentication mechanisms.


Currently, the system has been introduced to the manufacturing sector, particularly for the food waste treatment chain, where machines are being produced that can compact food waste up to 50 percent of its initial values in terms of weight and volume. These machines are subject to frequent stops and thus multiple maintenance interventions, many times caused by misuse. Being able to intervene remotely allows significant savings in maintenance costs and faster interventions, which decrease plant downtime.
Another sector where the system has received interest is the metallurgical industry. Particularly in steel plants, the use of SI4RIA ensures lower costs for the customer because plant downtime for unscheduled maintenance has very high costs and also important implications for the safety and physical safety of people.