Un solo tool per gestire Privacy, Data Protectione Cybersecurity

PrimaToo® Cloud evolves in line with Privacy regulations and goes beyond their correct application because it enhances organizational awareness regarding data protection and facilitates communication with various stakeholders.

In a nutshell, PrimaToo® Cloud is an advanced model for Compliance and Accountability management resulting from the collaboration between Value Data Trust - part of GFM Group since 2022 - and GFM Integration.

GFM Group brings together companies with complementary expertise in data management and the design of innovative software and solutions for businesses.

We asked Alberto Fuccello, CEO of Value Data Trust, to tell us how this idea originated:

"The idea behind this evolution comes from the experience gained by working in the field, directly interacting with business processes. Over time, we have noticed a growing need to improve dialogue and synergies among typical users of our application – DPOs, consultants, privacy teams – and those involved in cybersecurity. This includes addressing non-uniform and unbalanced reaction times in risk management. With this innovation, PrimaToo Cloud contributes to improving these aspects in a concrete manner."

Specific Features for Data Protection
PrimaToo® Cloud enables optimization in the continuous management of Data Protection activities, providing evidence to support Accountability through updated and readily available documents. Additionally, it assists the DPO(Data Protection Officer) in supervisory activities and facilitates communication and collaboration among various teams: Privacy Team, Security Team, Consultants, and Business Owners. These aspects contribute to enhancing organizational awareness of data protection, as desired by the European Regulation (GDPR 679/2016). PrimaToo® Cloud offers specific modules dedicated to Data Protection:
  • Data Protection Governance
  • Controller Register
  • Processor Register
  • Privacy by Design
  • Risk Assessment
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Data Breach Management

A special attention for Cybersecurity
A new Cybersecurity module has been added to address the needs of users and teams who, through a common language, attribute the right importance to information security. Its goal is to perform Vulnerability Detection to monitor applications continuously and provide users with a practical tool to assess risks arising from software vulnerabilities with a privacy perspective. Discovered vulnerabilities are immediately linked to the treatment activities listed in the registers, ensuring their proper classification. This allows for constant updates to risk assessments and DPIAs.

PrimaToo® Cloud and A.I.
PrimaToo® Cloud increasingly integrates modules related to Artificial Intelligence, offering tools to assess the reliability of such technology, particularly in terms of ethical, privacy, and human rights impacts. These are crucial issues, especially with the imminent arrival of the EU AI Act.

A New Security Culture
The new module creates an explicit and direct channel between Privacy teams and IT teams, enabling timely, automatic information exchange with shared semantics, minimizing human errors, and, most importantly, reducing data exposure to potential malicious actors. Its main function is to notify Privacy team members of new vulnerabilities affecting listed applications and evaluate risk scenarios (loss of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability).