Inside the IoT: GFM software monitors and analyses Healer line data

A telemedicine system that uses wearware to break down geographic distances between doctor and patient and reduce the stress of an outpatient examination.

What is a wearware?

It is a wearable, sensor-enabled medical device that allows patients to be monitored in real-world conditions, wherever they are.
Healer, the line of devices created by L.I.F.E. - a certified medical company specializing in remote monitoring - is just that: no invasive technologies that hinder comfort and can compromise data quality!
The person wearing the device can go about his or her daily activities, such as going to work, taking a walk in the park, exercising, or simply staying at rest.
Healer sends the sensed data securely to hospital applications and a private, secure cloud storage, where it will be analysed through artificial intelligence algorithms.

How Healer works

The equipment in the Healer system is classified as a Class IIa medical device and can be used to formulate diagnoses of cardio-respiratory diseases.
The Wearware Healer together with its desktop, cloud and mobile app software make it a technology designed to perform remote quantitative and qualitative diagnosis and monitoring via multi-parameter devices that can generate the widest variety of physiological data with scientific accuracy.
The treating physician can consult them, either in real time or at a later time, based on actual clinical needs.

Less stress, more accurate examinations and data

The Healer system provides a direct link between the patient and the hospital, and is the ideal solution for breaking down geographical distances between doctor and patient, reducing the stress of an outpatient examination, and allowing greater flexibility, overcoming distance problems and limiting costs and hospitalization time.
The result is a significant improvement in patients' quality of life, and a valuable aid to physicians, who have a very effective tool to better define clinical profiles.

The desktop and mobile application software made with the support of GFM Group

In this project, we supported L.I.F.E. in the development of the desktop application installed in the physician's personal computer, which highlights abnormal tracings and allows verification that all monitoring operations have been carried out correctly.
With Healer Desktop and Healer Cloud, one can perform patient registry management, examination archiving, and real-time streaming visualization of raw data and physiological signals.
With Healer Desktop, automatic analysis can also be done to identify cardiac, respiratory and sleep events, validated by a specialist, to generate a diagnostic report.
For smartphones, a supportive mobile app is available to check device status (scheduled or ongoing exams, battery, memory, and errors) and set up connectivity.

A strategic partnership

For all intents and purposes, Healer is a particularly complete, next-generation full-stack data platform in terms of data capture and delivery and cloud storage in a safe and secure mode.
This important technological achievement has led to the consolidation of an increasingly close strategic partnership with L.I.F.E. that is producing excellent results, as Marco Augusto Mariani, CEO of GFM Group, points out:

“For our Company, collaborating with L.I.F.E. on such interesting projects is a source of great satisfaction, also because it gives continuity to the development of innovative solutions for Healthcare, a sector in which we have been active for more than 20 years.”.