Salone Internazionale del Restauro

17 partners, 7 countries, 44 months: these are some of the significant numbers of the SensMat project, presented on Friday, June 10, at the International Restoration Exhibition in Ferrara. The project aims to implement innovative solutions for preventive conservation in museums, an approach that has emerged as particularly important for promoting the long-term preservation of sensitive cultural heritage.

At the invitation of partners CETMA and STRESS, GFM Net and GFM Integration took part in the event along with other entities, including IUAV and the Foundation of Civic Museums in Venice. Domenico Grieco, Team Lead of GFM Integration, presented the contribution of GFM Group, focusing on Cloud and IoT infrastructure for the collection and analysis of museum data. The presentation delved into the SensMat framework, equipped with a scalable architecture, serving multiple purposes such as data collection, support for BIM, and KPI calculation without the need for configuration. Tools for data recovery were also discussed, including DevLab for administrative and developmental purposes, IR Camera Gateway for retrieving thermal images, managing the thermal camera, temperature and humidity calculation, alarm assessment, and sending data to the SensMat Framework. Additionally, the C22 Gateway was introduced, responsible for sensor data retrieval from the Sigicom platform and sending it to the SensMat Framework. Finally, implemented tools such as BIM Layer, a visualization tool for BIM models that provides appropriate tools for navigating the model, retrieving information, and displaying data from connected sensors, and Vibration Tool, designed to analyze vibration data and assess risks for works of art, were presented.

During the event, in addition to other presentations by partners Riccardo Angiuli (CETMA), Marco Pepe (STRESS), and Massimiliano Scarpa (IUAV), architect Arianna Abbate of the Foundation of Civic Museums in Venice presented the specific case of Palazzo Ducale. It is one of the ten application examples of SensMat's new technologies for the preventive conservation of artworks and decorative apparatuses, where 97 sensors are currently in place.

If you are interested in delving further into the SensMat project as a whole, you can visit the website and follow all developments.