DomaniVado: safety in your company

Near to the phase 2 of the pandemic we are ready to restart and return to our offices; to do this it is essential to respect the minimum safety distance that Covid19 imposes, so as to protect everyone's health.

To resume production activities, it's therefore important that companies have capable tools to identify violations of these distances and to promptly trace the list of those who are been in contact with positive cases while respecting privacy.

DomaniVado is born from this need: to identify the violation of the safety distance.

Through DomaniVadoit will be possible to check the failed respect of the safety distance through the use of Bluetooth technology. Once collected, the data will be sent to the Cloud service to obtain a daily report.

DomaniVado only records contact data that does not respect the distance between people without recording any data relating to the position and instant precise contact.
For example, if Paolo and Marco don't respect the social distancing at 15.05 and 16.10, on May 4th, the system will only memorize that Marco and Paolo had 2 contacts on 4 May without the time reference.