GFM-Net enters the share capital of InformAmuse

GFM-Net and InformAmuse, Italian companies specialising in the development of innovative technological solutions, announced at the opening of the first group meeting held in Mondello (PA) that they have joined forces in a strategic partnership in the GFM Group to become a global player in technological innovation and digital transformation.

Saying he was "thrilled" to welcome InformAmuse into the GFM family, Marco Augusto Mariani, CEO of the GFM Group companies, emphasised: "This is not just a financial transaction. The experience developed by InformAmuse in the development of customised ICT solutions and the strong presence in Southern Italy align perfectly with our growth strategy. Together we will create more value for our customers and be able to drive digital transformation across all sectors."

A powerful synergy
InformAmuse's entry into the GFM Group creates a powerful synergy: by combining their respective areas of expertise, resources and market coverage, the two companies aim to accelerate innovation and enhance their product and service offerings. The presence of InformAmuse in Southern Italy with customers also in the USA, combined with the global footprint of GFM-Net and its subsidiaries GFM Integration Srl (based in Milan), GFM Integration Ltd (based in London) and Value Data Trust Srl (operating in the Italian and Swiss markets), creates a solid platform for expansion.

In this regard, Antonio Gentile, founder and long-time CEO of the Palermo-based company, emphasises: "Joining forces with the GFM Group is a momentous step for InformAmuse. Our commitment to excellence and innovation remains unwavering. Together, we will redefine the ICT landscape in Italy and beyond".

In the new arrangement, Gentile will take on the role of Honorary Chairman of InformAmuse, which will drive the GFM Group's expansion in Southern Italy, leveraging its in-depth knowledge of the local market. The partnership will enable the GFM Group to exploit new business opportunities, strengthen customer relationships and provide innovative technology solutions to an expanded customer base. For its part, the GFM Group will facilitate the expansion of InformAmuse in northern Italy, benefiting from GFM's network of business partnerships and its presence in industry sectors.

InformAmuse's existing partnership with, an American company active mainly in North America, will play an important role in this collaboration. Specialising in remote assistance and augmented reality (AR) applications, the company brings innovative solutions already adopted in various industries. The companies will jointly explore synergies in AR applications, IoT, BIM, BigData, Data Analytics and blockchain technologies.